Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year = Twitter plus Random Musings from Vegas

The new year is here and I decided to spice up this blog of mine a bit as I decided to make a Twitter account and now my Twitter feed can be seen on the right side. Actually doing Twitter is a New Year's Resolution of mine, so now more insanity can happen I guess.

I guess I can also talk about my recent Vegas trip in which I was there for three nights. Two nights and three days seem to be the sweet spot in terms of how long a Vegas trip should last especially going there three to four times a year, but three nights to me is pushing it. Gambling was a pure fail at this trip (Oh well...), but the arcade scene there is truly starting to show its age and it is kind of a scary sight to see.

2009 at Vegas could be the end of arcades there as I think more hotels will close their arcades for better attractions for the 21 and over crowd (like me!!!). The likely candidates are Bellagio, Monte Carlo, Treasure Island, and New York New York (Last year, arcades at Luxor and The Mirage have closed down). The machines keep getting broken and becoming old as they will eventually have no use at all. They should let the kid-friendly themed hotel/casinos keep their arcades like the MGM Grand, Excalibur, and Circus Circus and take out the ones that probably don't need it anymore.

Anyway, GameWorks continues to be the place for arcade gaming at Vegas even though I'm surprised at Circus Circus's arcade/midway in terms of the selection of old and new stuff (That place is still ghetto anyway). New racers and shooters have shown up there since the last time I was there like the Rambo shoot-em-up, Sega Rally 3, which is pretty much Sega Rally Revo on the PS3 and 360, and other random crap by Sega. Actually I want GameWorks to stay racer and shooter focused as I can just play fighting games like Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6 BR back at SoCal because of the scene and playability (Playing fighting games with broken sticks or buttons is a pain and a waste).

Okay, enough with my mumblings with the arcades and off to the crazy stuff which is my first nightclub experience at Jet in the Mirage Tuesday night, which is rare considering who I am. Good thing I came with some of my best friends as it was very fun and crazy for three hours filled with dancing and drinks. When we got in, we were just ready to go loose especially having drinks before going to the club. Other than endless partying, 2008 American Idol David Cook performed the same two songs twice because they were showing it for Fox's New Year's Eve bash last night. My friends and I pretty much hightailed to the bar at Jet as we're not really David Cook fans, so we weren't on TV. Being 21 at Vegas is a crazy feeling as now I have the whole city to go crazy compared to being limited to shopping and arcades when being younger as my entertainment. You're bound to go a nightclub someday even though is not your thing at first, but I had one of the greatest times of my Vegas life there and I like to thank my friends who were there with me for being part of it.

That's pretty much my recent Vegas trip in a nutshell (My friends are still there probably partying and having as much fun as they can). Now I'm back at SoCal to chill and relax till my Winter Break is over by the end of the weekend.

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