Friday, September 2, 2011

MW3 vs. BF3 Rages On...

The Call of Duty XP convention starts today and lasts for the duration of this weekend as I still wander why this exists at all. Yeah I'm one of those people in the camp of does Call of Duty really deserve its own convention? Well, at least it is an excuse for them to show off Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer this time to the whole world (press and XP attendees) starting with the trailer above. Its just another "that's Call of Duty" trailer in a nutshell while hardcore fans will notice what is new with the multiplayer. The only thing I'm looking forward to in this CoD XP event is the Kanye West performance, which I wander how much Activision ponied up to get that to happen. Then again, I won't be surprised if The Throne (Yeezy & Jay-Z) comes out instead.

If you're someone like me on Team Battlefield, then you're excited for Battlefield 3 as EA and DICE released a new trailer for the Physical Warfare Pack. Sure, its another retailer exclusive DLC when the game comes out at the end of next month, but like most retailer exclusives, they'll eventually become free DLC later down the road. Other than that, I think this is still the better game to get. From the beautiful graphics, the menacing sound effects, and crisp gameplay, I can't wait for BF3 to take the FPS crown this fall. I'm still wandering when the multiplayer beta will start sometime this month even if it requires some bs way to get it.