Friday, September 9, 2011

Everyone's Favorite New Game to Watch = Multiplayer Catherine?

Stream monsters' favorite new game to watch is apparently multiplayer Catherine. Keep in mind that you have to beat the game once just to unlock this mode, but surprisingly there is high level play found along with some crazy hype. This crazy hype came from the Super NorCal Install tournament last weekend, anime games only tournament (Blazblue CS II, Guilty Gear, Arcana Heart 3, and this game) and was streamed by FinestKo. Who of thought Catherine would get fighting game levels of hype and so much exposure for its multiplayer since the campaign is what the game is all about. I never seen push blocking this intense and the strategy of item usage is interesting to see. According to the NorCal Catherine scene, some stages are banned due to their stage designs, but among the heavily picked stages are Torture Chamber (the trap block level), The Quadrangle (the ice block level), Clock Tower (bomb level), and Spiral Corridor (the black hole block level). They promise to stream as much of this crazy mode as possible as long as the fans demand it.

Another new Battlefield 3 Teaser...

EA and DICE released another campaign teaser for Battlefield 3 called Operation Guillotine, a nightly urban level. The beta might be coming sooner than we all think, which is as early as next week (probably at least on PC, but hopefully on consoles). If it shows on the PS3, I'll give some impressions of it then.