Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Ultimate "Club G" Mix

So I have this playlist on my iTunes/iPod called The Ultimate "Club G" Mix, which is simply all my clubby stuff I can fit in that can last a night at a nightclub. Since I'm still in my house/dance music phase in my life, I decided to put it together as if I'm some DJ (as if I'll be one in the future). Currently, this mix is almost at five hours as it consists of my favorite clubby songs along with some mainstream hip-hop, but it is mostly house stuff from some of the bigger names in that genre. In the meantime, I would be to share some of my favorites from my mix.

Can't go wrong with some Deadmau5 at the clubs especially his breakout song, "Ghosts N Stuff."

A bit slower, but it is actually one of my favorite songs of the year. (And yes, it does sound like Bruno Mars is singing).

It ain't a club mix without Flo Rida and David Guetta especially this song... I remember going nuts at Vegas when this came on.

Okay, this is my current favorite song in my mix and also one of my favorites of the year too.

Also another mainstay at the clubs these days...

That's just a taste of what's in my clubby mix. It is always a work in progress of trying to find more songs more worthy along with changing the set order whenever I feel like it. Maybe I'll try to add some older stuff even though newer stuff seems to fly more these days. In the meantime, enjoy my five picks above the next time they get played in the clubs.

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