Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rockstar brings GTA back to LA...

The long awaited trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is here (well not really long awaited since we knew how official it is a week or two ago) and Rockstar North is bringing it back to Los Angeles. Maybe in their own words, it would be Los Santos from San Andreas. Glimpses of places to visit range from the Vinewood sign, mountains that remind me of the Angeles National Forest, the wind plants straight out of Palm Springs, a look-a-like of Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, and more. It is still early to tell how big this version of Los Santos will be as it could be the whole LA vicinity (imagine that folks!) with its freeway system, but I don't think its going to be San Andreas all over again with San Francisco and Vegas thrown into the mix.

Oh yeah I forgot, we do have a sense who the main protagonist (some Frank West look-a-like) is with no name other his voice probably narrating the clip of wanting to live a certain lifestyle.

Anyway, watch the trailer multiple times as Grand Theft Auto V should come out next fall on 360 and PS3 (maybe day and date for PC version too?).