Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This must be the "Launch Trailer" for OOT 3D...

The only reason this trailer for the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D got me hyped is the version of the theme song they used, which won't be in the game. They again show most of the cutscenes throughout the game in this clip, which can be spoiler territory if you never played it back in 1998. For those who don't know what's new with this "re-release" for the 3DS yet, there are some stuff.
  • Of course, the graphical improvements - Yeah, the game looks better, it is more colorful, Link looks different than his original self, and the framerate gets improved (perhaps the only reason I would play this game again). Oh, I guess that 3D effect is in there, hence the "3D" in the title.
  • The touch-screen controls - I'm not really going crazy about the improved inventory controls especially when you're in the Water Temple with the Iron Boots. There is a variation of the Stone of Agony (now the Shard of Agony) new in this 3DS version (since you can't use a Rumble Pak here lol).
  • Master Quest is playable - The harder version of the game is indeed in the 3DS release, but I think you still have to beat the original to unlock it. There's also an option where Link takes double damage making things even harder, so good luck trying to beat MQ again.
  • There's a boss rush mode - At least this is in if you want to replay the boss fights again perhaps challenging yourself to beat them all in one health meter and in record time.
Other than that, Nintendo didn't do enough to this "re-release" as this is the same exact game from 1998 is here with better graphics. All of the audio is the same, so they didn't make any changes to that such as remastered background themes, which could of been cool. Hardcore Zelda fans would buy this in a heartbeat and for many, its their reason to get a 3Ds now, but nostalgia alone is simply not enough these days especially for me. As I said many times, I do love Ocarina of Time as it is still one of my favorite games of all-time, but it is still one of those games I rather enjoy only once. Sure, getting this will be like 1998 all over again, but I'm not just that excited for a 12-year old game in 2011.