Saturday, January 28, 2012

Did You Miss This? For 1/28

This might be a new feature I'm starting on weekends putting up videos I missed during the week here...

A new multiplayer/co-op trailer went up for Mass Effect 3 and its looking better than I thought on that front. Its looks to be another wave-based survival mode, but of course I could be wrong. You have races to choose from in this Special Forces mode as each race has their class they're specialized in as you probably seen in the first two games. Examples being that the Turians are soldiers-based, Asaris being Vanguards, and so on. I just wanna play this already, but its almost a month away so I can still wait in the meantime.

Street Fighter X Tekken keeps on piling on the exclusives on the PS3 as there are five exclusive characters now on that system. Besides Cole from Infamous and the two Japanese Playstation mascots, the other two are Namco and Capcom's big mascots in a different twist. Pac-Man comes in controlling a Mokujin robot and resembles Tron Bonne in some ways. The big talk of this clip however is about the return of bad box art Mega Man. Mega Man fans never seen to get what they wanted these days, but the bad box art version is awesome from a casual perspective. Plus, only Ono would pull a stunt like this including him in the game. Basically, Mega Man is back in a fighting game, but probably not the one fans wanted. Whatever, this is still great to me even though we won't see them in the tournament scene due to being PS3 exclusive. It is still a mixed bag if Street Fighter X Tekken will be worth all the hype with so many crap in it plus the "Cross Assault" reality show they announced recently, which I'm not gonna even bother trying to audition as there are way better people out there suited for that.

Dance Central 2 got a sick song as a download this week and the routine for it is pretty sick too. I have been thinking lately about getting a Kinect setup, but I don't think my house is ready for that lol.

That's it for now... maybe I should get Soul Calibur V now? Hmmmmm... naaaa.