Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Captivate 2012 Roundup

Its Capcom's annual big press event time, aka Captivate, and of course there is a lot of expectations for them to deliver the goods. At least we're getting more of what upcoming games we don't know that much with DmC and Resident Evil 6, but there is a surprising sequel announcement that seems questionable for now.

I'll start off right away with the showstopper that is Resident Evil 6, which now has an October release date. More story details are revealed in this new clip and teased a little too much such as the Leon vs. Chris showdown at the end. Sherry is confirmed in now even though she was in the first trailer as well as Alex Wesker, who is a key figure in all this madness. The villain seems to be Ada Wong, but Capcom themselves didn't say who she is from what I read. Other details off the press release confirm that Mercenaries and co-op are back too. I'm still hyped for RE6, but I'm entirely not sold on the gameplay yet as I think I still need to see more of that. At least Famitsu had some new in-game screenshots, which is a start.

The new trailer for DmC (Devil May Cry) is a little NSFW, so you are warned. Anyway, it is been a long and rocky road for this Ninja Theory game because of the hatred for Dante's new look. There are still the haters out there, but the game is looking better than I thought. More gameplay footage is on Capcom Unity if you're interested. DmC is still slated to come out later this year and I'm willing to give it a chance since its original announcement.

Capcom's big new announcement is a surprising sequel, which is Lost Planet 3. Not only the last game was bashed critically, a western developer is handling this new one, which is Spark Unlimited. Spark themselves don't have the best track record of games, but I'm curious how they can change up Lost Planet. The trailer does show off what makes Lost Planet the franchise it is from snow, mechs, and big creatures to kill. Good thing it is still ways off as it is coming out next year.

Fighting game fans are disappointed that Capcom didn't announce a new game from their other franchises as the only fighting game related thing at this year's Captivate was the PS Vita version for Street Fighter X Tekken. Of course the big thing is the new characters that are DLC eventually on console (oh wait, you can already play as them somehow). PS3 owners of the game can get the new characters for free if they buy the Vita version, which is cool I guess. Of course there is the online stuff as you can play PS3 players from the Vita version. Meanwhile on the console side, the online sound issues are finally fixed in today's patch along with the quick gem selection on local versus games.

I haven't been paying attention to Dragon's Dogma, Capcom's big western-like RPG out next month, but here is some new gameplay footage. I'm not sure of Capcom going all in with this game business-wise and who knows if they can get the Skyrim crowd into liking this one. All I have to say is that this could be their biggest flop this generation and who knows what the future of the company will be if that happens.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is out on June for Kinect and it looks fine to me. From Software knows what they're doing since they are no stranger to mech games, so I'll leave it at that.

That's pretty much it from this year's Captivate event. Lost Planet 3 being the only new game there is a little disappointing, but wait till E3 if Capcom feels like announcing more new games there.