Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten Minutes of BioShock Infinite...

Xbox Live released the first gameplay video of BioShock Infinite today and I must say it is already looking very impressive so far even though it is a still ways off from its 2012 release. At its core, its still BioShock in terms of shooting and mixing in the elements as well for unique attacks along with the tone and presentation of how events go down. There will be definitely some jaw-dropping moments in this game that Ken Levine has been working on for years especially how the lore and backstory will fit to this iteration at a floating city. Even though it is a ten minute video, you do get a feeling of it being scripted, but it is expected to be for that theatrical tone, so who knows how wide open the gameplay will be since Irrational has a lot of time to polish things up. BioShock Infinite is still planned for a 2012 release, so things can change dramatically for this game in the coming months.

UPDATE - I just saw this 45-minute interview Giant Bomb did with Ken Levine, and if you're skeptical of what you saw above, I'll let Ken try to convince you because he sure convinced me about how awesome BioShock Infinite will be. Plus, it is also nice to see what is in his twisted mind of how he handles game development.

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