Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Street Fighter 4 Footage at Japan

This weekend was a 5th location test for Street Fighter 4 (my most anticipated game still) which didn't any new stages or characters, but changed some stuff for some characters, some for being nerfed or beefed up. Over at the Shoryuken forums for this game, Bison (Dictator) seems nearly god tier with Scissor Kicks and Slide Sweeps being way better again since u can't really get punished for it if they're blocked. Psycho Crusher is still the cheap move we know and love and the Head Stomp is still the Head Stomp, but imagine EX versions of Bison's specials (I haven't seen his Ultra yet).
Rufus, one of the new characters, is improved significantly and maybe high tier for the moment. Zangief is also considered nearly god tier especially in close range.

Here's Vega in action on this video and similar to what he plays in Super Turbo, which is good, adding along EX specials. That means u can fly around like crazy again as Claw (what the hardcore peeps call Vega these days) with those airborne specials even though Rolling Claw sucks now from what I seen in this video. All of the other characters seem the same with Chun-Li no longer having man hands as people complained about that, Crimson Viper still has the worst Ultra Combo in the game, and the combo system is getting towards Capcom vs. SNK 2 territory from what I read especially for Ryu and Ken. Anyway, here is some more footage from the latest location test for SF4 (Supposedly this is the last location test before its July release at Japanese arcades with more characters and stages still waiting to be revealed).

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