Thursday, May 29, 2008

Music Roundup for 5/29/08

This week's Music Roundup focuses on current hits out now I'm feeling or not rather than albums.

Let's start with the new G-Unit video for "I Like the Way She Do It" and I'm not impressed of this song (might as well plug their new album out in July since it is G Unit Ver1's World). I'm not a fan of the beat and the group has been going through some drama with the Young Buck being kicked out of the group. Yeah, 50 can do whatever he wants releasing the same old stuff with different beats because he is 50 having all that money. Their songs can be decent, but this one is a miss on my book (plus, they had crappy performances too).

Next up is my current banger, which is "Finer Things" by DJ Felli Fel w/ Kanye West, Ne-Yo, Jermaine Dupri, and Fabolous. This is not the official music video and they should do one because this song is pretty sick. Ne-Yo's hook is just nuts and Kanye's verse is crazy as well. Every time I hear this on the radio on the way to school, it feels it is a good start to the day ahead.

So I put up the wrong video for Coldplay's "Violet Hill" in an earlier post since that version was some viral one. The hype level is through the roof for their new album for people I know because it is Coldplay for crying out loud. My expectations for the new album is that it has to be way better than their last album X&Y even though that album was decent, but could of have been better (the hype got to them I guess).

I saw this video earlier today on MTV2 which is Atmosphere's "Guarantees" and while people say that they sold out of going to mainstream from the underground, it is about time more people realize the greatness that is Atmosphere. This video seems very chill as well as the song from their first single "Shoulda Known."

Lastly, I can't wait for N.E.R.D's new album, Seeing Sounds, and this is the song u hear during those Zune commercials while playing the NBA playoff games, Spazz. Honestly, I'm looking forward more to N.E.R.D.'s new one than Coldplay's new one and the word about the new Weezer album from the streets is it is not that good.

Come back next week on the Music Roundup for impressions of some albums like the N.E.R.D one and maybe Disturbed, which I don't know why I'm considering to check out their album (Maybe I just want to rock out to "Down with the Sickness" on Rock Band).

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