Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Guitar Hero Ads = Ugh!!!!

I stumbled upon these ads for Guitar Hero and I'm like why are doing this?

First up we have "Risky Business" ads with the two American Idol 7 finalists David Cook (the winner!!!) and David Archuleta (the loser!!!). At least the Cook version I can deal with since he is a rocker, but the Archuleta version doesn't make sense to me as it doesn't fit his persona at all. Then again, these being Guitar Hero ads is bad enough and since the brand is so popular, ads like these are bound to happen anyway. It is just sad how the GH property is being treated these days.

This new video for the upcoming DS game is just a new low for me. I feel like puking after seeing this one especially who knows if this idea will work at all. Then again, it will sell a million copies because of the deadly combination of the GH name and the Nintendo DS alone. Just rather play the console ones instead and this is just a waste of time.

Now this trailer is something I can agree with, which is for World Tour aka GH4. This video that was out last week showcases the new drum kit. The folks of Neversoft are getting help from Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Travis Barker (Plus 44, Blink 182), and Stewart Copeland (The Police) to make the best drums possible for GH World Tour even though I don't want to pony up for the full band bundle (refer to my previous post on the possible death nail of the rhythm genre). Then again, if Blink 182's "Damnit" is in the game, I might as well jump in since that song one of Blink's best (also fun to sing too).

So the two GH ads = Ugh!!! The GH4 Drum Kit = Yes!!!

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