Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Vader and Yoda gameplay clips in Soul Calibur IV

IGN has put up gameplay footage of Darth Vader (clip above) and Yoda (clip below) in Soul Calibur IV. From each of these 30 second clips, I'm almost ready to call these characters "broken" especially with Yoda's small size advantage and Vader's force lift (probably counts as a throw - the commands are unknown yet how to do it). Other than that, they do look cool and obviously out of place since this is Namco Bandai's marketing excuse to rake in the money along with SC4 being a multiplatform release. Perhaps even the "increased boobage" will rake more money. I'm still looking forward to the actual game (I'm not hyped to play as Vader and Yoda compared to some people) to see if it was better than the last one, but there are SC4 pro tournaments, I expect these two to be likely banned and plus I rather stick to the normal characters anyway (even though I was decent as Necrid in SC2).

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