Monday, May 19, 2008

We're dropping the deuce..... (Skate 2 Teaser)

Last year was the beginning of a new era in skateboarding games with EA's Skate. An unique control scheme along with the satisfaction of nailing tricks never felt so good, which is why Skate is on my top 10 of my favorite games of 2007. It was inevitable for EA to announce the sequel, Skate 2, because of its success and finally dethroning the Tony Hawk series. Here is the teaser at IGN, which isn't much, but this story they also provided has some details about the storyline being five years later after Skate 1 where the cops have San Vanelona on lockdown of skaters going everywhere and it is up to you, a created skater, (hopefully u can import the same look of your character from the first game) to shake up the city again. No gameplay footage has been revealed yet or any new moves (people want inverts and flatland moves) either. I also hope that multiplayer gets improved with more fun modes (Spot Battle is the one I'm good at and play other than races) as well as the skate. TV options. As long as they don't go Tony Hawk syndrome on us, EA's Skate 2 can be the skateboarding game we have been waiting for even though it seems like it is going more of a storyline direction.

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