Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A CliffyB Interview about Gears 2 Multiplayer

Here's a new interview with Gears of War 2's mastermind, CliffyB, courtesy of (1up with former Editorial Director Dan "Shoe" Hsu). Tons of details are now revealed about Gears 2's MP thanks to this video and the recent EGM cover story. I'm really excited about the new changes and fixes that plagued Gears 1's MP (Host advantage, temporary god mode during executions and chainsaw kills, etc.). Two or three maps were shown in this clip especially the Gridlock remake from Gears 1 (Cliff confirms Gridlock and Subway remakes for Gears 2). I'm also a fan of the new modes that he announced with Guardian (Two leaders in two teams and if the leaders are killed, the team loses the ability to respawn), and "Meat Flag" which takes advantage of the new body shield addition (Gears 2 so far nails the body shield pretty well especially for multiplayer). The new executions seen in this video are also pretty crazy with weapon specific ones (Chainsaws and curb stomps are still there). Anyway, check out the interview if you're a Gears fan. Looks like Gears 2 is truly being bigger, better, and more badass after all.

Off-topic: Expect impressions of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Online Beta tomorrow or Friday.

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Sasukedevil said...

Gears 2 is looking good. Hopefully better than Halo 3, in terms of multiplayer. Check out what I've been doing lately as well. :P