Wednesday, June 4, 2008

DMC4 "Special Edition" is Coming (not on PS3 or 360)

The PC version of Devil May Cry 4 is getting closer towards release (a demo of the 2nd mission with Berial, and the Frosts is expected to be up for download tomorrow) and I think the feature set this version is offering is the definitive version of DMC4, which makes me wonder if this "new content" will show up as DLC on PS3 and 360 or as an auto-update of sorts. It gets the GFW Live treatment (achievements, etc.) and requires a beefy machine to run perfectly. The new Turbo mode is there along with a harder mode called Dark Knight Legendary. This legendary mode increases the enemy count to a staggering amount of dudes in one screen (This is I guess the PC advantage compared to the previous versions with better hardware to pull it off). The framerate is also ramped up as expected (Mass Effect PC runs pretty smoothly and I wished the 360 version had that smooth framerate) and supports those big monitors. I won't mind trying out this Legendary Mode, but I'm wandering if it applies to all difficulties (Devil Hunter, Son of Sparda, etc.) with the hoard of enemies on one screen and the only difference is just the enemy A.I. and how much damage they can deal and take. Capcom has been stepping up on the PC side with this and Lost Planet Colonies (Street Fighter 4, Bionic Commando, and Dark Void are also coming to PC) making them perhaps the only Japanese 3rd party that gives a damn about the success of the PC.

Off-topic - The other big action game, Ninja Gaiden II, is pretty awesome so far (Review next week for now).

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