Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally Watched That King of Kong Documentary

So I finally watched the documentary The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters on G4 today (with commercials, oh well) and usually I'm not into watching documentaries, but this one delivers being about something I like and a good old fashioned good versus evil story (no wonder it is going to be a movie soon). As the movie progresses, the more I like Steve Weibe and I feel for him getting screwed time after time of beating Billy Mitchell (who seems like an a-hole and a coward) face-to-face in Donkey Kong. Along with Twin Galaxies siding with Mitchell till the end, I definitely wanted to root for Steve on beating the world record for Donkey Kong in which he did (at the time of the movie). This documentary does a good job unveiling a different side of classic gaming and the passion to have these rare world records. It definitely showed the fact that Steve is a good guy with a family, a job, and nothing to lose regarding Donkey Kong while Billy "always has a plan" Mitchell is that coward who is afraid to lose his image and street cred among the gaming community (That Pac-Man record is good enough for him) even though he still has that busy lifestyle of managing that hot sauce place. I been wanting to watch The King of Kong for a while since its theatrical release last year and maybe I should buy this on DVD someday.

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