Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Favorite Show of 2008 is Back Again....

America's Best Dance Crew is already on its second season and the audition special was on yesterday (reruns throughout the week as expected on MTV). The first season definitely set the bar with my boys, the Jabbawockeez (pictured above) winning it and becoming superstars now being everywhere from Vegas clubs to Laker games. With this second season, its pretty clear that MTV wants more variety and originality since I don't think they don't want any crews that have a similar style (SoRealCrew is like Kaba Modern in a way) and not going overboard with races as well (Which I think why Team Millenia didn't get in the final ten - Even though they're pretty good (Fullerton!!!!), there are already like two full Asian/Filipino crews in the final ten and it may seen like overkill for MTV (There are almost as many Asians/Filipinos on this show than on TFC, which is crazy).

Overall, I'm happy with the top ten having enough variety and originality that MTV wants to have. The West Coast teams are too good and stacked, no wonder Team Millenia didn't make it (Fanny Pak definitely have that variety and originality that wasn't in the first season with their whole 80s attitude). My picks this season are:

SuperCrew (My #1 pick) - They're basically the b-boy group for this season and their moves are just insane. I just hope that they don't be one-dimensional with just those moves when they tackle the challenges. 

Supreme Soul (My #2 pick) - These guys have a rivalry with the Jabbawockeez at other dance competitions and they're no joke too. I expect them to do well with the challenges provided throughout the season. Then again, I don't think these two crews would both be in the final two, so it has to maybe one or the other.
I would also watch out for SoRealCrew (the Asian crew from Texas having that Kaba-like style), A.S.I.I.D. from Detroit (with the deaf guy that is pretty good), and Boogie Bots (from D.C. and another full Asian crew) this season. I also expect Sass x 7 (the cheerleader crew) to be first out this season when the show truly begins.

The judges are the same this season with Shane "You smashed it" Sparks, Lil Mama aka "This is season 2 yo, step it up," and J.C. Chasez, the voice of reason. Mario Lopez still hosts along with G4's Layla (The Feed) doing the backstage interviews. Honestly, Randy Jackson should keep this show going and stop being a judge in American Idol.

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