Monday, June 30, 2008

A World Champion that is Straight Edge

Tonight's RAW is pretty awesome with CM Punk winning the World Heavyweight Title against Edge by cashing his Money in the Bank briefcase he won at Wrestlemania 24. Even though Batista did all the work destroying Edge, Punk took the opportunity to be World Champ in RAW which before didn't have a World Title before the night started (Triple H is still WWE Champ in Smackdown now). Hopefully WWE does the right thing of letting Punk have the title for a while, but who knows with Cena, JBL, Batista, Rey Mysterio, HBK, Jericho, and Randy Orton in the show. The funny thing that is former Ring of Honor (an awesome underground wrestling promotion) stars are now World Champions with Punk on WWE RAW and Samoa Joe in TNA, which is awesome (except I haven't watching TNA Impact lately with ABDC Season 2 on). Smackdown is going to be interesting now with Triple H still WWE Champ and Edge no longer World Champ as hopefully a feud starts with those two.

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