Friday, July 18, 2008

ABDC Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

ABDC got all steamy this week with the Janet Jackson themed performances. Add along a shocking elimination and we got ourselves a competition.

The episode started off with all crews performing together a "Rhythm Nation" like routine, which was pretty dope. It was definitely a great way to start the show.

Fanny Pak started the steaminess off with their performance of "All Nite, Don't Stop." As JC or Shane said, it definitely felt like an orgy of sorts when two girls kissed each other, which was nuts. They were continuing off their momentum from that awesome performance last week and this week was pretty good. I expect them to be safe next week.

Supreme Soul were next and it was another disappointing performance for them doing "Nasty." Like JC and Shane, it definitely had some good moments, but it was never consistently good throughout. Shane and Lil Mama were almost going to a shouting fight again with their disagreements. I expect to be bottom 2 again next week.

Boogie Bots, riding off their disappointing performance last week, were saved by the votes this week (lucky them) and sort of redeem themselves with their Janet performance. Even though it wasn't memorable, they did ok as I expect them to be bottom 2 next week with Supreme Soul.

Oh man at So Real Cru's performance of "I Get Lonely" (video above). It was definitely the performance of the night as the ladies stepped it up to go all out living up to Janet (accurate with the outfits). Clearly, the girls got all the attention with the MTV cameras as expected with a performance like this (the guys at the background basically). If So Real had their OMG moment of the show, this is the one so far. Also, lol at the So Real heads at the crowd.

SuperCrew and A.S.I.I.D. were in the bottom 2 this week, which was pretty shocking, but my prediction came true with one of the crews that did well last week getting screwed by the votes. As for SuperCrew, they did "Black Cat" and it was a return to form for the b-boys from the "lay low" performance last week. The judges were impressed of the guys nailing Janet-like choreography along with their usual sick moves.

Even though A.S.I.I.D. were eliminated this week, their performance of "If" was their getting out with a bang moment. It was a good performance, but I didn't expect them to be out this week since I thought they would stick around for another week or two.

With that, here's my rankings heading towards next week's challenge (whatever that is).

  1. So Real Cru
  2. Fanny Pak
  3. SuperCrew
  4. Boogie Bots
  5. Supreme Soul

Looks like all of the East Coast is voting for Boogie Bots now as all of the West Coast teams are still in as expected with split up votes.

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