Thursday, July 24, 2008

ABDC Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Oh man, this is probably the most shocking ABDC so far and perhaps we seen our final already with the bottom 2 crews this week....

Fanny Pak went first and it was a solid performance, but it could have been better. Their creativity and humor is still amazing (look at those Mario and JC pics).

So Real Cru gave another great performance this week and MTV just has to make a big deal of the storyline with Aliyn's parents not approving her dancing career. They'll be around for another week.

Boogie Bots were next and their performance was okay, but also the weakest number of the night. Seriously, who is voting for these guys - (Maybe all those Asian women who think they're hot). Obviously their storyline is the main reason they're still around for another week.

RANT Mode has commenced!!!!

Okay, this week's bottom 2 is my season finale already with SuperCrew and Supreme Soul. This is just nuts seeing these two in the bottom already. SuperCrew went first and their performance this week is why they are still my #1 pick to win the whole thing. The creativity and stuntwork is amazing with the basketball theme going. I thought they would be saved this week after last week's Black Cat performance - Clearly America has voted wrong yet again or MTV is deciding to keep whoever to keep their ratings high.

Supreme Soul perhaps had their best performance of the show with their hockey themed number. It just sucks they had to be eliminated (Blame MTV Politics!!!!!). Seriously, I feel like busting a tear or two like them because they didn't deserve to be out now. The judges are obviously correct with the voting this week that both SS and SC didn't deserve to be in the bottom 2 and this would be the finale. I happen to also agree with Lil Mama for calling out the Boogie Bots like that (it was probably her anger doing the talking because of SS and SC in the bottom 2).

Of course at this stage of the competition, it is going to be hard to see a great crew be eliminated like that, but it wasn't SS's time to go. Obviously, Boogie Bots should be out already, but the voting and I guess MTV has kept them in. The storylines have also casued this to happen since BB's story is supposed to be touching (It is indeed), but this should be their time to go. Hopefully the voting will agree next week.

You can tell Supreme Soul is pissed for leaving this week because MTV politics had to step in and do its work. Plus, having 3 West Coast teams in the final 4 doesn't make sense for them to attract the nationwide audience, but hello!!! The 3 West Coast teams were the best crews anyway this season. With this week's elimination, my rankings are...

  1. SuperCrew
  2. So Real Cru
  3. Fanny Pak
  4. Boogie Bots

As mentioned, it makes sense for MTV to keep crews from different regions in the game as long as possible (2 West, 1 South, and 1 East), but this isn't the right way to do this now that SS is eliminated.

At least next week's challenge will be good with Missy Elliott around to guest judge (maybe??) and crews doing her songs.

Again - Why America????

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