Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clips of E3 2008 (Day 3)

Last day of E3 = Not much footage to put up I guess of my interest since they were all up previously....

I'll start with another clip of Guitar Hero: World Tour with Hot Teacher being played at the Activision conference two days ago. Crazy solo to start the song especially with the dude doing it all by those touch frets. It is probably a little too hardcore of the casual audience to soak up in their minds.

Rock Band 2, on the other hand, a different story. Here's "Chop Suey" being played and as expected, it is kind of hard at first on guitar and bass. Good thing they were playing "No Fail" Mode because they would fail right away. Harmonix also confirmed Hyperspeed too for the next game. A clip of "Give It Away" is below.

Quantum of Solace is looking good for now (some missing sounds in this E3 demo). The FPS and cover elements seem to work well too. Part 2 is above and Part 1 is below this text.

BioWare's new game, Dragon Age: Origins, is coming along according to this gameplay montage. Watching interviews with Dr. Greg, they definitely want to return to the Baldur's Gate days and also have a solid single player experience that BioWare always delivers on (no multiplayer planned).

More later maybe...

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