Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Curve Them Bullets = Wanted is Awesome!!!

I saw Wanted tonight and it is pretty awesome (spoilers ahead). From beginning to end, this movie kept me going throughout with so many OMG like action scenes. James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson, the protagonist of this flick, is entertaining throughout with the humor and the guy he was in the end being the killing machine like his father. Angelina Jolie as Fox was awesome as well and what can u expect from her from those commercials and trailers with she comes out of the pool naked and does the whole curving bullets thing. Morgan Freeman once again is amazing like in every movie he is in (That shoot this mother****** line is funny and coming from him was just nuts everyone laughed). With all promos and trailers seen, I did not expect the plot twist that caused Wesley to go on the rampage against the Fraterenity. If I had to compare the storyline of this to a recent game, it had to be the Saints Row games with the similar plot twist (if u played all of Saint's Row) and getting revenge in the end (that's the upcoming Saint's Row 2). All the action scenes in Wanted are just intense and awesome with that gun combat and other things. Throughout the movie, u felt for Wesley being the normal person with nothing special and then becomes the assassin he is in the end especially in scenes at his accounting job with standing up to his boss and nailing his best friend with the keyboard (A gif of that is in the NeoGAF thread). I also have to give a shout out to my boy Common as he keeps getting in good action movies even though in this one he had a minimized role. It is clear that McAvoy, Jolie, and Freeman are the stars of this movie and they delivered the goods.

Wanted is perhaps my favorite movie of the year until The Dark Knight later this month. As to end this post like the movie thanks to Wesley, "WTF have u done lately?"

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