Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight = Truly a Masterpiece....

(WARNING = Possible spoilers ahead)

The Dark Knight is truly an amazing film from beginning to end. There were so many OMG and Oh **** moments in the movie I was engaged and entertained throughout. Christian Bale once again delivers as Batman / Bruce Wayne despite busting out the raspy voice when in Cape Crusader mode (that could have been better a little bit). Truly, the star of the film is indeed The Joker, played by the late Heath Ledger. He is such an amazing villain with his personality and mind-games, it is nuts.

This is also not your typical superhero movie of hero meets villain, villain kidnaps love interest, hero defeats villain, and hero saves love interest. The director, Christopher Nolan, has definitely created a masterpiece in his hands from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with his visceral visions of Gotham City, Batman questioning his hero-like motives, and The Joker being that torturous. It is truly a case of heroes actually being tested and willing to accept that you can't save everyone from danger, but still provide a safe environment for the civilians. Even though there are crazy action scenes, this film might be too much for kids even though it is the Batman I'm talking about due to the dark nature that Nolan is trying to tell. The movie was beautifully paced at two and a half hours with so many memorable scenes. Even Two-Face wasn't that bad for the time he was in.

This is arguably the best movie I have seen in a while and also the best movie ever involving a famous superhero (Out of the Marvel and DC heroes). Ledger should deserve an Oscar nomination for his crazy performance as The Joker. It already broke so many box office records, which is also crazy (155 million in the opening weekend). In NeoGAF terms, it might be the movie of the forever because it is that damn good. I don't know if Nolan can even top this one if they plan for another Batman movie (assuming what happened at the end), but maybe they should stop it here. Out of all the summer movies this year, The Dark Knight is easily the best one of them all.

I should download the amazing soundtrack too....

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