Friday, July 11, 2008

Pre-E3 GameTrailers TV

This week's GameTrailers TV has some of the big boys for E3 next week.

I'll start off with a clip of Rock Band 2 featuring Foo Fighters' "Everlong" and first gameplay which is the same looking game, but a little better (Good luck on Expert Drums).

A teaser for Fallout 3 is also in this episode, which is not much, but expect more next week for Bethesda's next game (They did the Elder Scrolls games).

BioWare's next game (Mass Effect folks, KOTOR) is Dragon Age, currently slated for the PC. It looks like they are going back to medieval-like fantasy worlds unlike sci-fi craziness that Mass Effect had. Hopefully it lives up to the BioWare pedigree.

The episode focuses on Gears 2 and expect SpikeTV to do some E3 shows throughout next week.

Expect my E3 predictions (maybe) and ABDC Recap posts this weekend.

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