Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some Darth Vader footage in SC IV

Since Soul Calibur IV is out next week and some lucky people already got it, might as well show it off... (This part will feature the Star Wars stuff).

First up is Darth Vader action at the Death Star game (with Imperial March music!!!). Rumors and speculation are running around with a missing character slot where the Star Wars characters are at. One likely scenario is the obvious DLC for which ever exclusive character the 360 and PS3 versions didn't get (Vader on 360 and Yoda on PS3 by DLC). Another rumor is pretty random with R2-D2 playable in the game, but that is confirmed to be fake.

UPDATE - Looks like the exclusive character idea won't be exclusive after all.

This is likely DLC and probably pricey too since Namco likes microtransactions (yeah I fell for Ridge Racer 6 stuff and I will fall for SC4 stuff too).

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