Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Streets of Rage Remake Appreciation

It has been a while for me to talk out about this amazing PC fan-made game known as Streets of Rage Remake. I found a newfound appreciation for the series in recent years and revisiting them on the Wii Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade. This fan-made remake came out two years ago and it has been improving ever since with new additions, more customization, and bug fixing. I downloaded the latest version (at 4.01 with Version 5 coming later this year hopefully) and it is still a blast to play witnessing true old school beat-em-up goodness. For those out on the loop, Streets of Rage Remake is a culmination of all 3 Streets of Rage games into one game of branching paths, remixed music, and all the gameplay throughout the series with the specials that was introduced in SOR2, running and rolling from SOR3, and more. It is still the same storyline of Mr. X and his posse corrupting the city and it is up to the SOR folks (Adam, Skate, Axel, Blaze, Max) to clean it up and get rid of Mr. X once and for all. For a link, just search for it and its easy to find. It is actually not that bad controlling SOR Remake with a keyboard if mapped correctly. There are also unlockables from more characters, artwork, and multiplayer modes. The remixed soundtrack is truly amazing with singnature tunes from all three games (It is too awesome that I downloaded it). If you been waiting for Sega to resurrect the franchise, keep dreaming as this PC Remake is worth playing if you're a SOR fan.

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