Thursday, July 31, 2008

Time to Break the Faces and Play Some Football...

Today, two demos of EA games are out on both XBL Marketplace and PSN. First up is Madden NFL 09 and it shows off the new Madden Test functionality of testing your skill with Offense and Defense to set up your adaptive difficulty for the game. It is a neat idea (All-Pro on Offense, Rookie on Defense - didn't know WTH I was doing). Other than that, the demo is short with reliving the last minute and a half of this year's Super Bowl involving the Giants and the Patriots. It does look better and has a new Gears-like roadie run cam when a receiver or running back is running to daylight, which is cool. For 1.1 GB, it is not much since the full game is out in less than 2 weeks (Note - I will not review Madden 09).

The demo I was most interested in was Facebreaker, a new toon boxing game. The controls are simple, but maybe too simple as I am having a hard time timing dodges and parries. Add along a licensed soundtrack that doesn't fit into a game like this and great toon-shaded graphics (Like Team Fortress 2 and the upcoming Battlefield Heroes). I'll probably give it another chance, but it can be fun just mashing faction to break someone's face (There's XBL Vision Cam and Playstation Eye support for custom characters in this demo and the final game). Good thing Facebreaker is 40 bucks too.

Off topic: ABDC Recap tonight and Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 Review tomorrow.

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