Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's Your Story..... More RHCP in Rock Band

Other than "Give It Away" coming to Rock Band 2, more RHCP love is out today in Rock Band 1 with two singles from their Stadium Arcadium album, "Tell Me Baby" and "Snow (Hey Oh!)" along with two more Rush songs, "Working Man" (Master) and "Closer to the Heart" this week as DLC.

"Tell Me Baby" is probably my pick of the week being a familiar song that anyone can rock out to, but the bass chart might be a little tricky for some people.

"Snow" on the other hand is really hard on guitar (Expert) as I couldn't even go 10% on the song with that damn main riff. Definitely one of the harder songs in the game now.

More Rock Band awesomeness next week with EA and Harmonix showing off Rock Band 2 for the first time at E3. Plus, The Who's 12-pack of songs are out next Tuesday, which will be good.

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