Thursday, August 7, 2008

ABDC Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

ABDC = Drama and Controversy just the way MTV likes it. The top 3 crews had to perform twice and the voting for next week's showdown is not what I wanted.

So Real Cru apparently got the most votes out of SuperCrew and Fanny Pak meaning they're in the heads up match next week, which caught me by surprise. Looks like Fanny Pak didn't get enough votes after last week's OMG performance with "Get Your Freak On" or MTV is throwing the curveball at us. Back to So Real, this week is the 80s theme of groove steps and dance movies as they delivered consistent performances. Their first one was okay as their second one was a little better. They relied on their style and signature hand illusions as their highlights, but nothing really mind blowing compared to what the other two crews did later. I guess their consistency kept them in the top and that's good for them, but they themselves were surprised they're #1 and deserved to be bottom 2 this week.

SuperCrew definitely lived to their name and heritage this week with their 80s performances. They were always entertaining and their b-boy stunts just amaze me from their towers to butterfly kicks. They deserve to be in the finals as they had more OMG performances than any crew this week. Hopefully the whole West Coast can vote them towards victory.

Unfortunately, Fanny Pak were eliminated this week and it is sad for them to go after their last performances (this week's and last week's) were pretty amazing. Their originality and creativity kept them in the top as well as showing their humorous side from showing photos of their mothers after "Ice Ice Baby" to reacting the Flashdance sequence with some of them being Shane, Lil Mama, and JC. They definitely deserved #1 on votes this week, but I don't know why it didn't happen. After this week if they were still in it, they would have a good shot to win this thing.

Looks like I got my finale as it is going to be a 2-parter with SuperCrew and So Real going heads up on their last performances next week while the live results are a week after. I wished MTV pulled an American Idol-like pattern of letting the two crews do their performances on Thursday and then do live results next Friday live instead of waiting a whole week to find out. Anyway, So Real Cru needs to step it up if they were #1 on votes as I agree with JC for blasting them this week. Otherwise, SuperCrew is going to blow them out in a hurry. (Vote for SuperCrew!!!!)

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