Friday, August 1, 2008

New Skate 2 Trailer = Hotness!! (Also some X Games 14 tidbits)

IGN and 1UP have previews of Skate 2 for 360 and PS3 up now. This is the first gameplay trailer showcasing some of the new tricks in the game like handplants, hippie flips, and grabbing during grinds. I loved the first Skate. as a fresh skateboarding game. San Vanelona gets revamped in a storyline that some disaster jacked the city up changing up what used to be city in the first game. Even though I don't have the first one anymore, I still play the demo whenever I go to places like Gamestop, Target, and Best Buy. Looks like Skate 2 will be an amazing sequel and hopefully the skateboarding game genre to a whole new level like they did last year.

X Games 14 is going on and Dave Mirra just did a No Handed 360 Backflip in BMX Big Air = Nuts!!!

Speaking of skateboarding and X Games, here's the bail of the games with Danny Way clipping his feet on the coping (Nasty stuff). He still came back up and finished 2nd doing the Rocket Backflip and then a huge 540 Varial on the QP. My boy Bob still won the Big Air with a crazy Switch 360 Indy on the QP. Congrats also to Chad Kagy for winning BMX Big Air (I still think the Miracle Man should of won that thing).

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