Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shut Up and Let Me Go... HEY!!!

This song was on my head a lot over at Las Vegas as the Apple commercial featuring it was played over and over again at Fashion Show Mall. Seriously, I love this song as being catchy and the video is kind of weird too. Now I want this in Rock Band soon.

Speaking of Vegas, I got back yesterday after a couple of nights and it was my first Vegas trip being 21. Maybe I turned 21 at the right time now that I'm officially saying Las Vegas is no longer for kids. Hotels/Casinos are dropping arcades left and right (Luxor and The Mirage for examples) for more lounges/resturants/clubs to fit the 21+ demographic. However, there are still places for the kids to go to like the pools, GameWorks (that place had a stinky smell when I was there Sunday night), and Circus Circus. Then again, I am seeing more visually pleasing places like lounges and expensive resturants catering to the demographic I mentioned earlier, which is cool. The one exception would be New York New York getting Tekken 6, but it is overpriced to pay, which is 3 dollar coins for one game, but it makes some sense considering how expensive the machine is anyway. Surprisingly, the Tekken 6 cabinet there was easier single-player wise and I actually beat the game for the first time (yeah that huge dragon, Azazel), but still hella pricey to play even a fighting game. As for gambling, I sat around slot machines and video poker for the most time.

Enough about Vegas, here's Botchmania 50!!!

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