Friday, May 29, 2009

Clips of E3 2009 (Part 1 & Before the "big show")

With my E3 2009 Preview posts out of the way with all those predictions, let's start the clip rundown since they are starting to surface.

We'll start with a repost of this Mass Effect 2 teaser from last night's GameTrailers TV in which the full trailer will be next week during the show. If u read my review of the first game, I actually did like it a lot considering RPGs are not my thing, but this "western RPG" by BioWare did live up to the hype and the pedigree the company has done in the past. Looks like ME2 will continue the adventures of Shepard (did he really die?) and will be the "Empire Strikes Back" of the promised trilogy?

DJ Hero is indeed happening and the first official trailer above shows off the graphics and no gameplay (tons of that will happen at the show). Hearing the mix with "Hollaback Girl" seems crazy, but this game will indeed make or break by the setlist and seeing songs by Black Eyed Peas ("Boom Boom Pow"), Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, and Eminem, maybe it won't be bad after all that I might buy this thing in the end. We'll see if I really want to buy it, but I do want to at least try it out someday.

Perhaps the craziest trailer I seen so far before the show even starts is for Sega and Platinum Games' new game Bayonetta. This is definitely living up towards being a female "Devil May Cry" since Kamiya is the main man behind this game (He did the first DMC if u don't know). With this trailer, it looks like Kamiya will silence those critics that think this genre cannot be improved on because this game just looks absolutely insane with all the over the top business happening and it is all in 60 frames per second, which is sick. I enjoyed the DMC games (well 3 and 4), but Bayonetta is shaping up to blow away any competition it has (Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Ninja Blade, DMC5) and I might as well buy this too.

Namco's big game at the show is obviously Tekken 6 aka Bloodline Rebellion and even though I haven't played this game in a month, the console version is showing promise and usually Namco delivers on the console version being more feature-heavy than the arcade version. Of course, there is the mandatory online play these days in the genre and now introduced in this trailer is the return of Tekken Force mode. Looks like Tekken Force can be played co-op, but no word about online yet by Namco themselves. Sure, this mode is just another measly addition to the overall package, but the fighting still matters, and I think it will be still good despite the long wait to come to consoles.

That's it for now... More will be added throughout the weekend and during showtime.

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