Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Might as well talk about A.I. SF4 Ranbat 2.3...

I should of blogged about this like on Monday (oh well), but last Sunday was another Street Fighter IV Ranbat tournament at Arcade Infinity. Unfortunately, I didn't enter this one due to other plans, but that didn't stop me from showing up at least and hanging out with the usual AI suspects. Despite not entering, it was still an enjoyable time chatting it up with SoCal's best players like Gootecks, aka still the SoCal SF4 ambassador, Mike Ross, who still claims that he stopped Marvel, but I don't know about that, and others like Shoo about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom getting a second chance even though that will last a week or two, Luka because he still gets HYPE even for a different fighting game that I never seen that had a side tournament, so on. I swear they always move stuff around like SF4 and King of Fighters XII every time I come there. Despite the stacked competition of SoCal's best, it was AI regular Jack aka ComboJack aka Jack the Ripper winning the whole Ranbat with his Sagat beating Edma's Akuma. It is Jack's first AI Ranbat win I think and u can tell from the whole tournament that he was hungry to win it all (Well, Mike Ross told me Jack is determined to win it just based on momentum and it is his time to be among SoCal's elite class of SF4 players).

Anyway, enjoy the other videos below of Edma's sick Akuma in action, Gootecks getting hype (his pre-game Lebron-like ritual is not shown of him clapping his hands loudly and then mashing the buttons Marvel style), Fuson's Guile still being the best Guile in SoCal I think, and more. Also, don't mind the commentary from Sanchez and some chick that I think will be in the upcoming Ladies of SF4 tournament at AI next month (Other than someone's Filipino card being questioned in one of the clips).

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