Friday, June 26, 2009

The "I Got Next" Doucmentary (Short Version)

Earlier today was the preimere for the "I Got Next" documentary by Ian Cofino that focuses on the Street Fighter IV tournament scene. Hopefully, this spreads to more than just us hardcore fighting game fans and reaches to a mainstream audience that can appreciate as special like this. This is currently a short version of the film that features Sinstation Fight Club and Final Round while a longer feature-long cut will be out after Ian films at next month's Evo. This is a great example of how the scene is pretty much these days with Street Fighter IV still being a fresh game, but the hottest thing going now in the genre as everyone is playing it. The West Coast/East Coast beef is somewhat shown claiming they're the best, but it is all still a "brotherhood" in the end for the love of the game. I hope people would enjoy this and get a sense of what I'm also into, but it doesn't mean I'll be like them.

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