Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The latest on my YouTube channel (Evo 2K9 Edition)

Since Evo has been the fighting game community's mind still after the long weekend, more videos are surfacing providing more memories.

First off is a Ryu combo video that premiered at the event done by SRK's Maj, who also did the Guile combo video a couple years back. This is a brilliantly put together video showcasing the impossible being the possible from pretty much all the games Ryu has appeared in. From the old school to the obscure, this video has it all making Ryu more of a beast than people think.

Now for the funny as footraces are somewhat a common theme in the fighting game community and this year's Evo is no exception. Here's Floe and SRK's MrWizard racing each other to the finish. Maybe someone wasn't ready for something like this if you watch the video.

Get Your Tournament's PotatoHead did a tribute video of the Street Fighter IV grand finals match between Justin Wong and Daigo. This whole video felt like it had a theatrical production with all the suspenseful music and the crowd reactions showcasing the HYPE. It surely must be a crazy scene there watching the epicness unfold as this clip is a perfect demonstration of the fighting game community's love for the scene.

That's it for now. I'm so lazy to write a review for inFAMOUS as it is a while since I beaten it even though I want to write about it somewhat. We'll see about that. At least expect reviews of the WipeOut HD Fury expansion, Wii Sports Resort, and console King of Fighters XII in the coming weeks.


PotatoHead said...

Thanks for posting my video!

G Unit Ver1 said...

No problem man...