Friday, August 21, 2009

The Latest on my YouTube channel... also The Music Roundup for 8/21/09

This is pretty much a music video edition for what's on my YouTube lately...

I love this song, "Digital Girl (Remix)," too much as Jamie, Drake, Dream, and Kanye kill it. Looks like the video got a slightly different remix than I used to, but I don't mind because it does spice things up a bit.

Yesterday, the highly anticipated video for "Run This Town" by the Jiggaman with Rihanna & Kanye came out as also I wasn't sold on this song by first impression alone. I think its Rihanna that ruins the song a bit as the melody is dope enough to freestyle when in instrumental mode. I still can't wait for The Blueprint 3 next month as music releases will be stacked that time too with Muse, Paramore, and more.

Finally, LMFAO is a legit video out in the world now (I don't count "I'm In Miami Trick") as this "La La La" video is pretty crazy, but it does fit their style too. Appearing in this video are Chelsea from the Paradiso Girls (everyone's favorite member of that girl group) and Jonna from the Real World Cancun. I'm still waiting for the "Shots" video though because some would know why I love this song for some dumb reason (you know you are!).

That's it for now... make sure to check out the top 10 songs I have been blasting chart for more especially that I have new songs there on a periodic basis.

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