Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The latest on my YouTube channel for 10/6/09

We shall start this with some old school 3rd Strike action because 3rd Strike is still an awesome game. I said many times I suck at this game, but still play it here and there. Rather than the good match above which took place three or four years ago be the star, I'll let Rockfeller's amazing commentary be the star of it.

Next up is another arcade game, aka another one of my favorite "I wish I was good at it" games, DJ Max Technika. I think this is some special event that this dude played with some stipulations like no line to help you and its on the harder difficulties. It is just crazy to me seeing the game being played without the line as if you need perfect memorization and timing to do well.

Lastly, I might as well put this up here since it features some of my Street Fighter IV friends as this took place at the House of Cicada tournament last Saturday at Moreno Valley. I missed out on going to this one due to other plans, but I checked out the stream for a bit saying what up and such along with checking out the SF4 action. Alex Valle won this one, Mike Ross was the runner up, and Keno finished 3rd. Marn is also back in town for this and Bar Fights II this weekend, but he wanted to win it from losers bracket and it didn't happen. I wished I was there personally for the madness, but there's Bar Fights II on Sunday in which I have a VIP ticket ready to get hype for the West Coast/East Coast 5v5 main event.

Also, NO YOU CANNOT!!! Lol!!

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