Sunday, November 1, 2009

By the Gods... My Eyes Are Bleeding from the Amazing!! - Hands-On with the God of War III Demo

I was able to pre-order the Ultimate Edition for God of War III yesterday and also got a code to play the infamous E3 2009 Demo as many times as I want to now. If you have seen the whole demo back at E3, there's nothing new to see other than playing it, but after unleashing hell as Kratos once again in this demo, it is pretty safe say that God of War III will be indeed epic and amazing just as the first two games were. The controls and combat are basically the same as before, but the scale of epic setpieces and quicktime events have turned up to 11 as if they were crazy enough. In this demo, Kratos has his signature blades of chaos, the gauntlets from Chains of Olympus (I think?), a bow that does not require magic, and Helios's head, in which he gains later on in the demo to illuminate dark areas. If you thought the first two games were bloody, think again as God of War III turns up the gore once again and it is truly badass seeing Kratos ripping body parts again like no one's business. Some of the new things Kratos can do are playable in this demo from Harpy riding, the battering ram move, escaping from hordes of enemies surrounding you, and more. The graphics and sound are once again top notch being another showcase of what the Playstation 3 can do (as if Uncharted 2 is already the defining showcase for the system too). A God of War game in true HD looks and feels amazing in every way possible. Sure, this demo may be some framerate issues since it is an early build of the game, but I'm guessing that the whole game will run at 60 frames per second the whole time with no slowdown at all. This brief demo is indeed a taste of what's to come in the conclusion of this awesome trilogy, and from what I played so far, Kratos's story will indeed end with a bang being something that all gamers should not miss when it comes out in March 2010.

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