Saturday, November 7, 2009

The latest on my YouTube channel for 11/7/09

First off is the debut trailer of actual footage for the EA Sports MMA game featuring Strikeforce. That means, no UFC peeps in this one, but at least there's Fedor. Who knows if this game will provide UFC 2009 Undisputed competition whether or not its better than that, but we'll see. EA Sports MMA is out sometime next year. Maybe THQ and Yuke's should start telling us about their next UFC game already since Undisputed was a great success bringing MMA right to video games.

Super Street Fighter IV is still coming out in March (the arcade release seems 50/50 to me, some say yes while some say no), but here's a new video showing off the new modes from Team Battle, Endless Battle, Replays, and the return of the old-school bonus stages. These bonus stages from the Street Fighter II days are back meaning you're smashing cars and barrels like its 1991 all over again. I'm not sure about the new announcer change for this one since the original SF4 announcer was tolerable for me, so they made him worse? Who cares, I'm playing this game like crazy as my return to serious Street Fighter IV play (well, I play here and there despite Tekken 6 being my main fighting game for the moment). I'm just wandering when Capcom will reveal more characters...

I'm been going crazy lately with Band Hero watching YouTube FC runs even though I don't have the game yet. I don't know why it fascinates me to no other end... maybe its the mainstream focused soundtrack that caught my eye in which it is a pretty good one to a point I would buy it. Maybe its the random songs that are in it like "YMCA," "Kung Fu Fighting," "Happy Together," etc.? Or maybe its the magic of Taylor Swift and me finally breaking down listening to her songs that play too much on mainstream radio? I don't know, but let's just say Band Hero is surprisingly pretty dope doing what it is intended for being a Guitar Hero game for the mainstream audience with pop-friendly songs that everyone will recognize. And yes, I'm not afraid to put up "You Belong to Me" in this blog post, but it is true that she wears high heels and I wear sneakers.

Last, but not least, is one of the best game trailers I have seen this year, which is the launch trailer for my pick for first-person shooter of the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is pretty much self-explanatory how big this game will be for the holiday season with midnight sales going through the roof and kids wasting their money on those night vision goggles that came with the pricey Prestige Edition (then again, maybe they're good after all). Anyway, this trailer got me pretty hyped even though I'm not getting it right away, but its near the top of holiday list of games to play during my Winter Break. Eminem and Nate Dogg's "Till I Collapse" song was used very well in this trailer building up the hype to max levels. Then again as expected, this game is leaked already meaning people got it hella early before its actual release on Tuesday, but hey it is still going be insane.

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