Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Alpha for your Super Street Fighter IV!!!

I woke up today to read up on the newest news regarding Super Street Fighter IV according to Famitsu scans confirming three more characters for the expansion, which are Cody, Adon, and Guy. I definitely approve of these characters being in the game as that rumored list is looking more true as it gets revealed slowly. All three characters being revealed today will be interesting to see how they will play out in Super SFIV. Cody with his knives, Adon (another potential main for me), and Guy's "own get in that ass" style (also another potential main). It is also about time the Alpha games get more love in the SFIV series as if Sakura, Dan, Gen, and Rose are enough. The scans also confirmed a new stage for the final game (another stage was revealed on a G4 preview not too long ago, which is a India stage with elephants - not exactly Dhalsim's SF2 stage though), which is a metro city-like setting in a construction area. I think a new trailer showcasing these guys in action will surface later this week, so wait till then for that. I also already claimed in this blog that I will main as only the new characters in Super SF4 from now on (Yeah I will still use Bison here and there), but for me the candidates are Dee Jay, Adon, and Guy. With the tease of Ibuki in the scans as well, the 3rd Strike presence will be icing on the cake for me if Makoto and Dudley are confirmed as well along with the new oil wrestler dude. I hope Capcom-Unity announces another Street Fighter Club event in LA sometime soon for the fans to go hands-on with the game because I would go to that in a heartbeat. My HYPE for Super Street Fighter IV has risen once again.

UPDATE - Trailer is now out featuring these guys on IGN.

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