Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music Roundup for 11/19/09

This week for my music roundup is three albums in three days, which is crazy as the holiday season of releases is off and running.

I'll start off with Ultraviolet by Kid Sister, which has that song I really like out now, which is "Right Hand Hi." Apparently if u don't know by now, I like that hip-hop/dance/electronica stuff which is why I checked this album out. Its a quick album lasting 37 minutes, but filled with some enjoyable dance and club tunes I would go crazy like "Right Hand Hi," which is my highlight of the album. There are cameos by Estelle and Kanye West, which are good as well. One of her songs in the album, "Control" is in DJ Hero if that is any familiar to those who never heard of her stuff mashed up with Rihanna's "Disturbia." If you're in a party mood blasting loud club music, Kid Sister's album is worth a listen.

Next up is Rated R by Rihanna, an anticipated album among the mainstream music world. Let's just say she has been through a lot this year with that whole Chris Brown thing, but it seems like she has rebounded with Jay-Z's "Run This Town." It feels like her new album is way more edgy than she has done in the past distancing away from those hit songs from her last album. It was weird to me her first single was "Russian Roulette," (video above) but hey might as well change it up for a bit. I can't tell the rest of the singles from this album yet as Good Girl Gone Bad was filled with hit songs like "Umbrella" and "Disturbia." The songs that I would blast right away were "Wait for Your Turn" and "Hard" featuring Young Jeezy, which are both being played on the radio I think. The first half of the album is the better half, but I can tell that RiRi is going for a different approach for this one. We'll see if Rated R has the same success as her previous albums, but all I can say in the end about it is that it is okay stuff.

Lastly for this week is The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga, which is an extended version of her debut album with eight more songs. Let's face it... Gaga has turned mainstream pop music upside down and we are all stuck with it, but after listening to this, I appreciate it more and it is actually one of the better pop albums I have listened in a while. Sure, the majority that does not care about her music are sick of her already with the constant playback of her songs on radio and her crazy style, but I think it is something pop music needed, which is a new artist that takes things to the next level from a musical perspective and even change the image of the genre. I think Gaga has achieved that and eliminated the poppy girl next door stereotype away from our minds now. Besides her debut album, The Fame, in this special edition with all her hits you love or hate from "Just Dance," "Lovegame," "Poker Face," and "Paparazzi," the eight new tracks for The Fame Monster are actually awesome to listen to. "Bad Romance" is a great first single for this album (her amazing video is in an earlier music roundup), but the rest of the new tracks have potential to all be singles for the radio stations to play. From "Alejandro," "Monster," and "Telephone" featuring Beyonce (by the way, "Telephone" is better than "Video Phone" which is Beyonce featuring Gaga), this album is arguably pop genius by Gaga, which I'm not afraid to admit. It is definitely worth blasting if you love mainstream pop music.

Well that's it for this week's music roundup... (yeah I'm in a Lady Gaga mood again) Next time will be Jay Sean's new album All or Nothing and maybe some other stuff (Shakira, Birdman, Timbaland, etc.) Now, I guess everyone else is probably listening to the new John Mayer album, cool for you guys, but considering the music phase I'm in now, I am just preferring the fast paced stuff rather than the mellow and chill.

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