Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First post of 2010 - The newest Super SF4 Trailer...

Well I finally got around to blog something for 2010, which is obviously about my most wanted game of the year, Super Street Fighter IV. This game will have a big presence at this weekend's Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas (basically the only game that matters there since games are not that big at CES anymore) with the full roster revealed so far playable and hopefully the 2nd Ultras (which some of those debuted from this trailer). Also in this new trailer are new alternate costumes for the characters as some are awesome (Balrog's and Zangief going mecha while others feel like misses such as Chun-Li's (not sexy enough), Cammy getting Bison's attire, Rufus and Dan being crazy). The 2nd Ultras though finally get shown and now selectable between which one to roll with before a match starts. Ryu gets his Shin Shoryuken back (aka the Metsu Shoryuken), Ken gets a flaming hurricane kick variant Ultra (similar to his recommended 3rd Strike super art), Dhalsim gets a mid-air throw Ultra, Zangief gets the mid-air 720 ultra (Still makes me say WTF, but hey that's cool), Fuerte gets a crazy one too, and so on. It remains to be seen how useful these 2nd Ultras can be as some possibilities can come out of them such as will Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken have the same options as his Metsu Hadouken Ultra (What I mean is that there so many moves Ryu can utilize that can lead to his Ultra as a combo ender)? How much priority would air command ultras have in the game? Who knows, but let the speculation begin. The trailer also showcases new rival battles featuring Guile/Bison, Ryu/Ken in the temple, Adon/Sagat at the Beautiful Bay, Cody/Guy at Crowded Downtown, and Dee Jay/Rufus at the Overpass stage.

With second ultras now confirmed for Super Street Fighter IV, the only thing that's left on everyone's mind is when the reveal for the 3rd Strike characters (Dudley, Makoto, and Ibuki) will inevitably happen (since everything else according to that rumored list a while back seems likely true so far). I'm counting on that happening next month since the game is now delayed to Spring instead of the crowded March (good for me!) window of amazing games like Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III. I'm ready for Super Street Fighter IV to come out and dying to play it as does everyone else, but I'm willing to have the patience and let the HYPE continue to be embedded in my mind.

Speaking of Street Fighter, that reminds me, I'm playing at another Arcade Infinity Ranbat tournament on Sunday. So we'll see how that goes since I haven't been playing SF4 that much lately due to school being back in my mind again as well as spending more time and money with my friends (Specifically the one night Vegas trip last weekend, which was fun!). I'm already trying to cut down on the game purchases for the year as a New Year's Resolution so I can spend money on the better things in life rather than my own pleasures too (passing on Bayonetta as an example), but there will be still reviews of games I wouldn't pass on like Heavy Rain, FFXIII, GOW III, and of course Super SFIV.

With 2010 off and running, I'm ready for whatever is ahead for me this year as 2009 changed my life around as a whole.

UPDATE - CES is off and running and tons of new Super Street Fighter IV footage are showing up with more new ultras being seen for the first time. Take a look at them below:

Akuma's 2nd ultra could of been better (Where's the ground pound super?).

Viper gets a better looking 2nd Ultra!!! (Who knows how useful it will be in terms of setting it up).

Cammy gets an interesting one and it only works on counter hit? Hmmm...

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