Thursday, January 28, 2010

Music Roundup for January 2010...

With January coming to a close, I might as well try to remember how the month went by for me in terms of music.

I'll start off with my favorite song right now, which is "Hey Daddy" (Daddy's Home) by Usher as the video went up this morning on MTV. Even though most of his new album, Raymond vs. Raymond, has been apparently leaked, it is about time Usher put up an official music video for one of his songs. This is your typical Usher right here doing his thing and that's fine by me because I'm still eagerly waiting for the official album to come out since his last one was somewhat of a disappointment.

I have also been in a Sade mood lately with her new album out in a couple weeks. She has been on the comeback trail with "Soldier of Love" and its an awesome song. It is just nice and relaxing to hear some true soul music every now and then. I'm just hoping the album will deliver.

Lastly, I'll probably get hate for this for putting it up, but this month has been the rise of Ke$ha for her hit song "Tik Tok." I gotta admit, this is another of those one hit wonders every radio station plays and gets the club rolling. Yeah, people are sick of hearing of this nonsense, but hey we have to deal with it. This was definitely a song going crazy when I was at Vegas earlier this month in the clubs. I guess everybody will be trying to wake up feeling like P. Diddy now.

There's so much more I can cover for this month's music roundup, but I'll leave it for now. Since I update my top 10 songs I have been blasting on a daily basis, just check out that for more of your music needs.

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