Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Video Roundup for 3/31/10 aka Happy Birthday to Me...

Today I turned 23 years old and still feeling the same... I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and greetings on Twitter, Facebook, and messaging my phone too.


Today, a new trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2, my most anticipated Wii game this year, was out for the interwebs showcasing the powerups that will be in the game. Some from the last game like the Bee Suit, Fire Mario, and the Starman return, but the new ones are neat stuff from Rock Mario, which is like a flashback to the Goron Mask in Zelda: Majora's Mask, and yellow Yoshi providing light for hidden paths, which is similar to the Lens of Truth from the N64 Zelda games as well. Its nice that Nintendo is referring to their past even from other games to incorporate into Mario games today. Sure, the decision with the new hub may scare off hardcore fanboys, but I don't care because I know Mario Galaxy 2 will be still be amazing being another contender for my game of the year.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is not the only Nintendo game everyone is buzzed about at the moment as a new gameplay trailer for Metroid: Other M was revealed yesterday as it finally shows footage that we can figure out what this game actually is for once. Team Ninja's take on the legendary franchise is still definitely interesting stuff as it shows in this video of Samus battling enemies in 2.5D and first person at any time. The simplified controls of just the Wiimote sideways remains to be seen in the final game if it was the right call. Of course, the story's presentation may suck since Nintendo and Team Ninja are not really going to make it epic and all, but the gameplay will be the make or break deal for me. I'm still buying it regardless because its Metroid and I don't see it being a disappointment.

And of course, it wouldn't be a gaming blog post here without mentioning the game that will be the most of my gaming life in 2010, which is Super Street Fighter IV. This is footage (of about a hour and a half) from yesterday's 1up Game Night where Richard Li of 1up, Haunts of, A_Rival, and Magus1234 (NorCal SF players) were playing casuals with some of the characters. Of course the level of play is expected to be high level stuff as things were being very noticeable. I'm surprised like most people that T. Hawk is way better than people thought and could be a beast in the right hands as A. Rival put on a great display of what he can do with that much power and damage (Standing RH is just disgusting stuff). Also impressive on this video is the potential of Cody (played by Haunts) to the point I would use him as a possible main. I just like his options and style especially rushing down doing BnB combos as well as easy ultra setups. Juri is also expected to be pretty good despite her learning curve like some characters in the game with her rushdown game as well as her defensive options. Dudley is shaping up to be too good once close doing his crazy sheninegans. I'm not sure if I would use Dudley seriously since the Dudley army might be too much in numbers when the game comes out as everyone would use him because he is a dope character that is also one of the best characters in the game with so many options. I also like Ibuki being a vortex-like character with her own options, but I just don't see myself using her that much. Anyway, enjoy more high-level Super SF4 nonsense, but I seriously want to play this now!!!

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