Friday, June 18, 2010

And Once Again... Lady Gaga wins E3!

If there was a honorable winner of this week's E3 show, it has to be once again Lady Gaga for her crazy influences across the whole gaming sphere. Last year, her influence has led to what is now the Playstation Move controller, or from some of us including me, I would still personally call it a disco stick because of the fact it change colors in certain cases. This year, Gaga has made games more popular again like Rock Band 2 with that DLC package that came out in March. Now, she is in DJ Hero 2 and Harmonix's Dance Central along with being downloadable in the current European versions of SingStar on PS3. However, now that the Playstation Move received positive buzz this week, the FPS Bodycount developers referring to her to how to deliver craziness, and Dance Central being arguably the killer app for Microsoft's Kinect, Gaga has put her stamp in the gaming world. I'm only focusing on Dance Central for this post because "Poker Face" is now stuck in my mind once again since that song is in the game as you dance away with your full body (okay usually fist pumps for now). I also blame the Giant Bomb guys for making that song relevant this week as well in their E3 coverage from podcasts to their amazing videos. Like I said earlier, I would buy a Slim 360 with Kinect ready along with this game hopefully in the future. In the meantime, more videos of people dancing to "Poker Face" at E3 2010!

Okay, skip to halfway in the video above for Dance Central craziness even though the Just Dance 2 part is just as nuts too with all those people dancing (also featuring G4's Patrick Klepek!). For the video below, it is pretty much throughout the video about four minutes in (also if you like E3 coverage of other games, but it is definitely Gaga-ified).

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