Saturday, June 12, 2010

The New Trailers for the Star Wars games (TFU2 & Old Republic) = Once again, Trailers > Game itself?

GameTrailers TV hosted a Pre-E3 special last night showing off trailers for some of the hottest games of the show from Killzone 3, which is basically more Killzone in more diverse settings, Gran Turismo 5 (More of the same video-wise), Devil's Third (Itagaki's new game which I approve), and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. I will focus more on TFU2 here because its another Star Wars trailer that is pretty good, but it doesn't mean the game will be good when it comes out on October 26th. Assuming the first one was okay as it could of been better, the second one hopes to improve it even though the story seems kind of crazy already playing as a Starkiller clone (Spoilers - This takes place after the good ending of TFU where Starkiller did die) going after Darth Vader. The trailer above is very movie-like quality with the CG because of the crazy action, but seeing that replicated in the final game remains to be seen. It is surely better than any of the prequels alone because Starkiller is just a wrecking machine, but I'm still worried as mentioned already. Like many people, LucasArts might as well make this to a CG movie than just a game, but I guess I could be wrong on October 26th.


The new cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic showed up today and once again these trailers are pretty movie-like in terms of getting fans pretty excited, but it is not really representative of the game at the end of the day. Sure, there are numerous classes shown there, but just don't expect the same animations in BioWare's MMORPG as seen in this crazy trailer as if the last E3 trailer was crazy enough with numerous Jedis and Sith battling. So yeah, the hype with these cinematic trailers will please Star Wars fans and eager players putting more hours into another MMO as if WOW is not enough for them.

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