Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nintendo E3 2010 Presser Recap

Nintendo's Press Conference for E3 2010 today definitely brought the pain as I came out more happy after watching yesterday's conferences. Microsoft did sent out first blood yesterday with their presser, but Nintendo arguably went for the kill even with Sony yet to go.

The conference started off with a banger with the new Legend of Zelda game called Skyward Sword. Its definitely Zelda with Wii Motion Plus as the controls are more catered to that thing. I'm not exactly sure if it feels like a true reboot as we'll see how the core formula will still be in effect, but gameplay-wise, it is indeed going for something different especially with combat. The Wiimote w/ Motion Plus and Nunchuk truly act as a sword and shield as well as other items are easy to use too. Combat is a little more deep with specific sword strikes to kill enemies as well as defending yourself. Miyamoto demoed the game and it ended up sketchy with Wi-Fi interference, so the demo ended up a little disappointing. Oh well, since it is still Zelda as they ended with the trailer above. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be out next year.

Next up is Mario Sports Mix as Reggie only showed a clip of this Wii Sports title with Mario characters, so its pretty self-explanatory what is going on there as I don't need to say anything else about that.

Wii Party is next on the clips as this one was already announced, but hey its another Wii-like game for Miis. This time it is pretty much Mario Party with Miis, so I'm going to pass on this even though it could be fun when it comes out this fall.

Just Dance 2 is the sequel to the supposedly successful first game, which was quiet but why not announce the next one. Then again, Harmonix's Dance Central easily beats this, so pass on this too.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is the new Golden Sun game for the DS out this fall. I didn't play these games on GBA, but I heard they're pretty good.

A new Goldeneye game only of Wii got announced and it is cool that it exists, but yo only nostalgia alone will make people buy this game as I don't see this be any good at all. With the fake focus group crap and obviously u rather play shooters on the HD consoles, this would flop big this fall. I could be wrong though.

Epic Mickey gets demoed and I think its pretty cool. Its also Wii exclusive and out this fall. It has potential to be a sleeper game of the year in my mind.

Yay at a new Kirby game being announced called Epic Yarn out this fall. This new Kirby is pretty crazy as thought it would be Canvas Curse on Wii at first, but boy I'm wrong. I am digging this new take and it would be worth checking out. Reggie also mentions Dragon Quest IX's US release for the DS next month, but then the bangers started rolling again as if Kirby was crazy enough.

Donkey Kong Country Returns as been what Retro Studios (Metroid Prime Trilogy) has been up with lately and damn I was excited about this one. The DKC formula gets rebooted in 2D as if it is the New Super Mario Bros. for this infamous franchise from KONG letters, collecting bananas, mine cart sections, boss battles, and so on. I loved the SNES games and even though some would say they're overrated, they're still classics in my mind. I can't wait for the rebooted DKC as its now high on my most wanted list.

Metroid: Other M is out on August 31 as its my next Wii game to play. I also love the Metroid series as the Super Metroid music in this new clip brings it back. Hopefully Team Ninja will deliver with their take on this legendary franchise.

Now Iwata comes out with Nintendo 3DS talk as it is pretty awesome. I won't go crazy with the details other than no glasses required and it looks like a DS Lite/DSi with 2 cameras, a slider thing, and other stuff. Talk now from the press says it is pretty impressive stuff being the main highlight of E3 and I believe them. Developers also seem highly praised with what to do with the 3DS from Kojima talking how a Metal Gear Solid game would be on the handheld, Capcom with possibly a port of Super Street Fighter IV (Current word from the streets), Square-Enix with a Kingdom Hearts game, and others but Nintendo themselves have their own killer app ready for the 3DS which is...

Kid Icarus: Uprising!!!! Oh finally a new Kid Icarus game as Pit says "Sorry to keep you waiting!" Hardcore Nintendo fans would be crying watching this as the franchise finally gets back on track for the 3DS launch thanks to Sakurai (who did some Kirby games and the Smash Bros. franchise).

That's pretty much it for the Nintendo press conference and damn Nintendo did bring the pain like I said earlier. They didn't go crazy with the casual games like Microsoft did yesterday and core games delivered like no other from Zelda (Despite the shaky demo), Metroid, Kirby, and the DKC reboot by Retro. The 3DS is indeed living up as the showstopper of E3 even though no release details were given at the presser, but it is still a 2011 release worldwide. Most of Nintendo's bangers are out next year even though their fall lineup seems decent enough with Kirby, Goldeneye, Epic Mickey, and Wii Party, but compared to the other fall lineups other companies are offering, they might fall a bit short. Good thing they're still giving Zelda: Skyward Sword the time it needs to be amazing as well as DKC Returns being a return to the glory days. It is the best conference so far for me, so we'll see how Sony brings the pain in a bit.

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