Friday, June 11, 2010

Top 3 Games of E3 2010 Before the Show Even Starts...

Well I haven't blogged here in a month, but I'm now done with college (graduating this Sunday) and I guess I can do this thing for a bit more especially E3 being next week (Note - My Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review will be up after E3 and also pending if I 100% the game by then too). Then again, the show pretty much started with previews after previews of some of the big games for the upcoming year before the floor opens. I will be a stream monster for the big three press conferences on Monday and Tuesday, so expect recaps of those after they're done as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are saving the big guns for them (Natal, 3DS, Move, more first-party stuff, etc.). In the meantime, with these all previews and trailers rolling out before the show, its a good time to present my three games of the show before the show even starts in no particular order.

Rock Band 3 - One of the more impressive games to expect to be a contender to be best of show next week is Harmonix's next big entry in their Rock Band franchise, which is well Rock Band 3. It looks like the extra year off letting spin-offs like The Beatles and Green Day do the work was worth it as they are going the extra mile in attempt to revitalize the rhythm game genre, which they made popular again. The obvious new addition is a fifth instrument, which is the keyboard, adding a whole new dimension to the game as I'm very curious how it will turn out when the final version is in shelves. Other additions such as the revamped career mode, Pro difficulties for all of the instruments seems like it is going in the right direction. I'm already expecting RB3 to be my return to the genre after almost two years off of owning one of these damn games with plastic instruments as it comes out this fall.

Mortal Kombat (reboot) - This has been a crazy week for Mortal Kombat fans from the teaser of a possible movie that will likely be greenlighted due to the word of mouf from the internets to this trailer of the new game. This is a reboot of the legendary franchise still by Ed Boon and his team of people, but now WB is publishing it and its good news for fans. It is already making a good impression because it is bringing back truly to its 2D roots of gameplay with no 3D shenanigans or gimmicky fatalities. It is more bringing back to what Mortal Kombat was meant to be in the first place: violent, gory, simple, and fun. Most of the characters in the game are from the original series of games and it is best it stayed that way roster-wise. From the trailer, some elements from the recent games are there like air combos and other things, but it is 2D MK at its finest. It is coming out next year and fans are already pumped for MK to become relevant again in the fighting game genre, but I'm sure serious fighting game fans that play competitively won't care, but MK is all about being fun and casual.

I expect Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to have a huge showing next week even though it won't get game of the show honors. The new trailer shows the characters revealed so far as well as Dante and Deadpool going at it. Some of the big boys of the fighting game community will be there to try it out as I'm looking forward to see what they think of it so far. Has it gone too simplified like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, or some of that Marvel 2 is still there for us to be excited about? If Dante and Deadpool are playable, how will they crossover to the fighting game world gameplay wise? It is still my most anticipated game for now even though it is out next year as well.

That's it for now... more from E3 next week party people!

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