Saturday, August 21, 2010

Next Games on the Review Pipeline...

So the next game I'm going to review comes out on Tuesday on Playstation Network and Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade which is Shank, another downloadable game with a lot of hype. I might get Mafia II this week as well, but don't bank on that. I did though reserved Metroid: Other M the other day, so expect something about that soon. If you have been paying attention to Nintendo's next big game with Team Ninja developing it, Other M has been getting a lot of mixed reactions among the gaming crowd as some do appreciate the change Samus will face, but some do think this change is too much and takes away from what the franchise truly is. Well, we will see when Metroid: Other M comes out on August 31 only on the Wii (the cool live action commercial is below).

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